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Social Media Marketing

I consult and assist with various types of businesses, however restaurants are my specialty.  Allow me to combine my love of food and art by elevating your IG page with pics that pop and videos that increase followers! I've been asked do followers lead to sales.  YES, it is unavoidable.  It's a numbers game.  As numbers increase, customers inevitably increase. Let's get to know each other through a consultation and take it from there.

Below are samples of clients and examples of what I'd love to bring to your restaurant...



After being active for 6 years, I increased followers by over 30% in 1 short year (8.8K in 2020 to over 12K in 2021).  They've reported increases in sales of walk up, call in, and Door Dash orders of items posted the day of the post..


ABOVE: Front & Center Mouthwatering Shots.  BELOW: Birds-Eye-View Creative Infusions


IG Stories Stills & Videos

IG Stories Stills & Videos

IG Stories Stills & Videos

Instagram Stories are a perfect way to reach and increase your following.  They're 15 second opportunities to market and plant delicious ideas in viewers minds to order or visit your restaurant! This is where unmatched creativity meets video and sound editing.  When done consistently followers and sales increase.

IMG_1232 3.heic
IMG_0230 2.HEIC

COOL STORY: I ate at the Crabby Shack and decided, while I'm here I should film, so I made this video, came back and showed the owners.  They loved it and now we work together.

Here's Crabby Shack's owners (BELOW) in action! They're fabulous on camera and I recommend to all my clients MAKE SURE YOUR CUSTOMERS KNOW YOU. People love the people behind the business they spend time and money with!

Super Bowl promo for the launch of Crabby Shack owner's new business "Side Piece"

Creative promotions.  Turning Friday into "Fryday"!

Promotional Concepts & Printing

Food photography and videos drive your IG following, but gaining a highly creative thinker to give you ideas and drive them forward with exceptional design is a rare bonus to simply posting pictures.  This opens the door to printing posters, specialty menus, flyers etc.  I design and print everything imaginable.

(extensive graphic design and printing materials are individually assessed and priced)

Free Beer_w_pizza.jpg

Coupled a promotional video (above) with an eye catching poster in their front window.  Increased sales during slower hours.

Holiday Promotion Ideas

We had fun promoting Valentine's Day.  Management reported a significant revenue increase from the past year by implementing creative and memorable marketing...


We let all the single people out there know they were more than welcome to dine with us, and enjoy Valentine's Day like everyone else!

Take a quick look...

Additional Services

Besides managing the Legendary Sylvia's Queen of Soul Food's Social Media Marketing, BELOW are several other products and services they've added...



Whether staff uniforms, chef jackets, or special event apparel, Art By Koa has you covered (no pun intended).


Outdoor Signage

I've designed and printed banners over 50 feet wide, so any special events or catering signage is no problem.


Van Wraps


Creative Writing

As a writer, I invented the concept "The Sylvia's Experience" and wrote every word of the blurb on the purple side.  These are all pluses to consider when choosing an artist to represent your promotional needs.


Indoor Signage


Indoor Signage

Sylvia's catering van went from plain white to a signature wrapped commercial van.

Step-And-Repeat was designed, printed and delivered by Art By Koa.

Photo Restoration


This wonderfully nostalgic photo had a host of scratches and scrapes. I got rid of those and added a back blur effect to one of New York's oldest and most iconic restaurants.


Table Tents (Flyers)

Table tents (5x7 or 4x6) are great promotional ways to inspire guests to take action.  This includes people stopping in for to go orders or returning for events or performances!

new.5X7 Farside Tents_2022_wings.jpg
new.5X7 Farside Tents_2022_burger.jpg
new.5X7 Farside Tents_2022_frozen.jpg
new.5X7 Farside Tents_2022_schooners.jpg
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