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DESIGN (flyers, illustrations, banners, brochures, etc)

$100 per hour


$150 per hour


Bi-Weekly or Monthly Stipend Based On Contractual Agreement

MINOR ADJUSTMENTS (take 15 min or less)

$35 per adjustment

CONSULTATION (advice and information w/o design job)

$45 per consultation (approximately an hour)


What do hourly rates mean for you financially?

 - Average flyer design takes one (1) hour to hour and a half (1.5) max.

 - Illustrations from start to finish may be about four (4) hours

 - Logos can vary in time, but generally will be between two (2) to three (3) billing hours.

Hourly estimates are subject to change upon added requests.

Outline of Work_art.png

A discussion will outline what you’re looking to create, and where exactly my responsibilities begin and end. This is to establish clarity of the job and what you will receive for your payment. From there I give a consultation involving my expertise in design, functionality, colour theory, and targeting your market.

The consultation is paid upfront and will be included with your quote if I’m hired to complete your job. If you would like a consultation to take notes, and utilize the information elsewhere or at a later time, the consultation is a flat rate of $45.

Number of Revisions_art.png

Three (3) revisions on design jobs and logos. $75 per hour after third revision.
Revision process begins after the style and direction of the design job or logo
has been established and approved and we’re ironing out details.

Payment Plans_art.png

A. Consultation fee plus 20% upfront / 40% midway / 40% upon completion.

B. Consultation fee plus half upfront / half upon completion.

Consultation fee will be deducted / included with your completion payment.

Additional Fees_art.png

A. Rush Jobs:

Jobs with urgent time frames are subject to an additional fee on top of the agreed estimate. Jobs needed in 24 hours is an additional $50. Jobs needed in 10 hours or less is an added $75.


B. Source Files:

Client’s requesting original sketches/drawings that are not a part of the job and/or original Photoshop/Illustrator files with layers containing details of my work are subject to an additional fee of 2.5 times the cost of the entire job.

Example: if job is $150, source files are $375, totaling at $525.

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